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Veteran’s Elite Canines mission is to raise funds to:


- Provide Canadian Veterans suffering from PTS with specifically trained and supported service dogs; Provide the service dog at no cost to the Veteran

- Provide the dog and handler team with support as identified

- Develop and distribute educational material and messages regarding PTS service dogs to specific audiences and the broader public

- Advocate on behalf of Veterans with PTS service dogs.

Veterans are suffering from PTS and under physician’s care, are prescribed the use of a Service Dog to reduce symptoms and return them to community life. Veteran’s Elite Canines has access to these lifesaving medical devices, and the only barrier from getting them into the hands of our Veterans

is funding. Medical establishments and Veteran Affairs are increasingly relying on use of cannabis for PTS treatment (as this is funded). Veteran’s Elite Canines has recognized the negative physical, emotional and functional side effects of the over and sometimes unnecessary use of cannabis to relieve PTS symptoms with some of our Veterans and failure

to ultimately return Veterans to be functioning members of society.

- Working with AK9I American K9 interdiction, Carrsville VA. Our Veteran's will be paired with Dogs from this Veteran owned, one of a kind, State approved facility. Our Veteran's receive unparalleled training, support, and a dual purpose canine.

- Providing our suffering Veterans Service Dogs.

- Pair the proper dog to the qualifying veteran to reduce PTS symptoms Educate public on validity of this solution

- Advocate on behalf of the Service Dog industry for a National Standard.

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