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Cindy Weir is a proud Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. She served with the UN Forces in the Golan Heights, with the Coalition Forces in Gulf War 1 and on various domestic operations at home.

While still in the military, she first noticed various symptoms that went undiagnosed and after Cindy left the Military, she experienced numerous and worsening physical and mental health issues. Eventually she was diagnosed with MS and PTS, both traced back to her service career.

In 2018, Cindy began the search for a Service Dog at the recommendation of her mental health team. The process to find and ultimately acquire this necessary support was arduous and long.

Veterans Affairs, provided her the number for an organization here in Ontario that is said to provide Service Dogs to Veterans with PTS. Numerous calls, emails, and further assistance required by Veterans Affairs only to be told there was a 4-5 year waiting list for one of their dogs. It quickly became evident there was a greater need than the Canadian supply could handle.

Gracie, otherwise known as Cindy’s saving grace was a member of her family back then. It was getting more and more difficult for her to leave the house, Cindy realized that the longer you stay locked behind what you think is the security of the 4 walls turns into a prison that you cannot leave. Gracie and Cindy did puppy classes together and thankfully she had all of the necessary traits a good working dogs required. Cindy is pretty sure God had a plan all along when

he put the two of them
together. Not having
any success finding a
Service Dog in Canada,
Cindy headed to the US
to recharge batteries
and search out a
location that would hopefully assess Gracie to
see if she could be trained to be a Service Dog. Upon arrival they found a training facility very close to where they were staying who agreed to do an assessment. They concurred that she was a wonderful dog with a lot of potential. Gracie and Cindy started training the very next day.

Cindy remained in the US until Gracie became a certified Service Dog. Cindy had paid her initial assessment fee the first day, then began training. Cindy was motivated because, if Gracie could not be trained, they would have to purchase a Service Dog to the tune of at least $20,000 US. Gracie and Cindy already had an incredible bond, and now looking back, it would have been very difficult to bring another working dog into the mix.

After about 2+ weeks into training, Cindy spoke with the owner and asked if she can settle to this point. We don’t accept payment and he sayid, ‘the Foundation paid for it’. Cindy is shocked and asked what foundation? He says, Pawsitive Love Foundation. At this point, she is totally confused, and crying, and says I don’t understand, and he says you’re a Veteran right? Yeah, but a Canadian Veteran. And he says, a Veteran is a Veteran! Simple as that.


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Cindy Weir


John Van Der Laan

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Norman Adams

Cindy served in the Canadian Armed Forces, and brings her love and compassion with helping others to the organisation. Fiercely resilient, Cindy searches for a way to live day to day with PTSD. This lead to a dream to help others suffering with PTSD, bringing a sense of acknowledgement and community to people most often left behind. 

Having served for the Canadian Armed Forces for nearly 30 years, John is a founding director of the organisation. John is a proven operational leader, bringing his experience to the next generation as a Professor at Norton Wolf School of Aviation and Aerospace Technology in Fanshawe College.

Norman is an experienced accountant, working for the last 50 years. While bringing his professional hand to numbers,  he brings his heart to dogs, most of all to his Dachshund King Charles II. Norman is a leader outside the organisation to coaching and sponsoring softball, and finds passion in supporting the Maple Leafs. 

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